Michael HönnigMichael Hönnig
A few months ago I've ran across an erasable notebook called infiniteBook (by EcoBook). I find it quite useful if I want sketch ideas on some piece of "paper" and be able to easily erase and correct parts like on a whiteboard at the wall. It is available in A6 (<10€), A5 (<15€) and A4 (<20€) and comes with a black pen including an attached eraser. You can also buy a fitting 4 color pen set Staedtler Lumocolor 305F WP4-1, also with erasers. Additionally, I found out that you can use the 7 color pen set Staedtler Lumocolor non-permanent 316 WP8 as well, these pens just lack the erasers. For small corrections these erasers are fine; just make sure the ink is dry before you use them, otherwise it smears horribly. For larger corrections you can also use wet microfiber cloths and if you want to wipe the whole page, just put a drop of water on it and you can wipe it clean with a paper cloth. Happy sketching!