Michael HönnigMichael Hönnig

In this article I collection questions which I posted on Twitter, maybe you have an answer? Looking forward to your responses!

2020-01-14: MacOS vs. PC (Windows/Linux) keyboard

What’s the best way to use (or get used) to the difference of #MacOS and PC (#Windows/#Linux) keyboard layouts, especially on an external keyboard via KVM switch? Anyone sharing their experience?

2020-01-06: ratio infrastructure vs. domain code in a Microservice

Tell if if I’m wrong or not:

If in a #Microservice, the infrastructure (#CloudFormation, #Terraform, whatever) code is more complicated than the domain related code, or even just simply larger, I think that something is seriously flawed. But what do I know …​.

2020-01-03: Anyone with an Apple M1?

Anyone with an Apple M1?

Regarding this real-world benchmark from another of my Tweets:

I ran a "gradlew clean pitest" using 6 threads on an 8 core i7-8650U CPU @ 1.90GHz: - Ubuntu Linux 20.04: 2min 3sec - Windows 10 Pro: 2min 44sec

And on a MacBook Pro with 8 core i7-1068NG7 CPU @ 2.30GHz - macOS Catalina 10.15: 1min 21sec

(time from 2nd of two subsequent runs)

2020-12-22: #PairProgramming / #MobProgramming for OpenSource/#FreeSoftware?

Ever anybody has done #PairProgramming, #MobProgramming/#EnsembleProgramming or just #CodeReviews on their #OpenSource/#FreeSoftware projects? How did you ensure the license? I mean, make sure you are allowed to publish their inputs? cc @fsf

2020-10-27: A Term for "#FaaS and friends"?

I am looking for a term for "#FaaS and friends", with friends I mean #serverless (!) services (*aaS) for databases, messaging, queueing, API gateway, bridges etc.

#FaaS is just compute and #PaaS and #Serverless are both too broad. What would be the right term?


2020-10-25: Who’s going to maintain such software?

Just a thought: If you have a team of just the brightest software developers you could employ, and they are well delivering value using modern technologies, who’s going to maintain this software once these technologies are not so modern anymore?

2020-10-22: Correlation of productivity vs. employability?

Regarding software-development, what are your thoughts about the correlation of productivity vs. employability?

2020-10-21: Best #FaaS + friends system for separation of concerns?

Which is the best #FaaS + friends (API-Gateway, Messaging, Queueing, Database, Storage etc.) system if separation of concerns (tech- vs. business-driven systems) and ease of configuration+programming is most important?

2020-10-13: Best #Serverless provider for #JVM based applications?

Which is the best #Serverless provider for #JVM based applications?