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Some weeks ago I talked to some other IT guys about what kind of qualifications software developers really need. Employers and recruiters are usually looking for practical experience in certain technologies or with specific products; but these change quickly over time. Thus it could easily be that somebody got employed for his (or her) experience with e.g. Java EE from JPA to JSF, and just a year later, what is actually needed for the job is now Spring with Angular, even vue.js/node.js or whatever comes next. Even worse, in that talk, I had mentioned that I have the impression, that it's hard keeping up with all these new which terms come up for any period of time. And I meant just to learn what all these terms mean, far from having any deeper knowledge about all these new topics. That's how I got the idea to tweet one technical term, abbreviation or product name from the software development industry each day including a short definition, so I learn something new every day or at least give some old knowledge a refresh. And of cause, anybody who follows me on my Twitter account can learn along with me. Or you can find them all directly on Twitter. Ok, but now, what's the qualification software developers really need? Of cause, it's learning! And not just permanently learning about new technologies, but also about the business domain they are working in as well as methodologies for effective work organization including soft skills. Being a software developer means intense lifelong learning. And to be honest, that's awesome! P.S. Don't forget to follow me on Twitter!

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