Michael HönnigMichael Hönnig
For quite a while I've not published any blog entry, even though I've started some, but yet never published. One reason is, that I consider myself a Coder not a Blogger. I really love to create solutions to problems, but once I figured it out, it all to often looks too simple to me to publish, at least on the Internet with all those experts for each area. It's strange though, in a multi team project with many people working on similar topics with often very special technologies, I often wished I could run a blog. In that case I knew, it would be helpful for colleagues. But that's always a fight just to get a server for such. Too bad! Okay, anyway, now I want to give it another try, and if it's just for the records of my own findings. I'll also switch to English, not only is it the language of IT and international business, I also can reach many more readers this way ;-) Additionally, I enjoy working in international teams!